About Nipe Fagio

Nipe Fagio is a symbolic phrase that calls individuals to action, to be 'The Change'.

1. Nipe: A Swahili word which means grant me, give me, allow me or let me. The term in this instance is also being used to mean empower, enable, facilitate or equip.

2. Fagio: A Swahili word which means broom, a cleaning tool. The theme here is to empower society with knowledge to create habits, customs and activities geared toward an ethic of self responsibility for the creation of a clean and healthy community.

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Our objective is to harness the power of community in collaboration with Government, municipal institutions, commercial and civil society groups to implement solutions for community hygiene, sanitation, environmental care, waste management and the provision of recreational spaces.
The program has been initiated to combat the chronic problems we face in our communities as a result of poor hygiene and sanitation practice due to either; the lack of awareness or the laxity of government policy, by-laws or community agendas. In order to improve upon the current situation we need to invest in a appropriate program of action targeting the rising levels of degradation, pollution, crime and disease particularly in urban areas. We believe that through collaborative efforts we can promote improved hygiene and sanitation practice, prevent crime, create business opportunities, raise property values, promote tourism and improve community standards with opportunities to enjoy clean, attractive and safer recreational activities.



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