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World Cleanup Day 2018 - Beach clean!

Dear Friends, Green Waste Pro and Nipe Fagio, together with other partners, are carrying out a community clean up at Aghakani beach near the Aghakan hospital - Dar es Salaam, this Saturday 2nd June, between 7:30am and 10:30am.  With BIG enviro messages and networking, we are looking forward to a great community event! This is a part of the celebration of the World Environmental Day - The world’s largest volunteer effort to end plastic pollution ... Read More

Cleaning up Dar’s beaches

Coco Beach Action Group (CCBAG) organised another successful cleanup end of August with 380kg of trash being collected. 44 people came to the beach that morning including a community group of 16 people who joined the cleanup and donated cleaning materials, such as rakes, brooms and gloves for the great work to be continued! Every last Saturday of the month around 40 people are coming together to remove the trash from the beach. More than 1.5t of trash have be ... Read More

Your Christmas gift

  Give a gift of hope this Christmas!   Donation Menu: School recycling activity art supplies - 50,000/- Supplies for a Beach CleanUp - 100,000/- Youth Ambassador community activity - 150,000/-   We welcome any donation amounts. For any higher amounts, or receipt requests, please email   To donate: By Bank Deposit:  Stanbic Bank Account Name:  Nipe Fagio Accoun ... Read More

Less rubbish on the beach? The ICC 2017 results

  Saturday, 9 September 2017 Coco Beach, Oysterbay People from all walks of life, young and old, big and small, took to the beach to make a difference. Wearing gloves and kiroba in hand, they were all armed and ready to each tackle their own portion of the shore.  The ambition:  to clean a 782 metre stretch of beach usually strewn with solid waste.  3 hours later, the ambition was fulfilled and everyone stayed on for a festive community event. T ... Read More

Celebrating World Environment Day 2017

Event organizer and VIP (from back left to front right): Frederique Weyer - Swiss Embassy, Prof Alex Songorwa - Ministry of Wildlife, Eugene Gies - Dutch Embassy, Geral Runyoro - UN Environment/UNIDO, Katarina Ragnitt - Swedish Ambassador, Seleman Kisimbo - VP office, Amabilis Batamula - Femina Hip, Minou Fuglesang - ED Femina Hip, Tania Hamilton - ED Nipe Fagio, Musa Sabore - Africraft, Bwana Ishi - MC Femina Hip, Straton Vincent - Nipe Fagio The first of its kind in ... Read More

Don't waste valuable organic waste

Our bodies need the right amount of water and food to grow and remain healthy. Like us, the plants and vegetables in our gardens need water, as well as nutritious food, to grow strong.  We all water our plants, but do we feed them the nutrients they reqiuire?     We all produce organic waste - from the garden and kitchen.  Organic waste is described as anything that has once lived and grown.  This organic waste, once decomposed, turns to compo ... Read More

Earth Day 2017

  The Earth Day (E.D) is around the Corner, it is a global annual event, celebrated on April 22 every year on which individual/ groups demonstrates support for environmental protection. It began in 1970 and now more than 193 countries celebrates it.- '' We need the Earth than what the Earth need Us''. The Possibilities to support the Earth are Endless, do what you can to protect our lovely Earth. Nipe Fagio would like to share some things to do fo ... Read More

Free screenings - Before the Flood

With climate change already having huge impacts around the world, disproportionately affecting the developing world, Nipe Fagio is showing this video as a timely reminder that the fate of our planet is in everyone's hands. By stepping up and becoming the change we can all fight the impacts of climate change... Before the Flood, presented by National Geographic, features Leonardo DiCaprio on a journey as a United Nations Messenger of Peace, traveling to five continents ... Read More

UNEP Head Visit Nipe Fagio

On his first visit to Tanzania in the post, the new United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Executive Director, Erik Solheim, heard how the Coco Beach Action Group and Nipe Fagio are working on the ground in Dar es Salaam, taking direct action to improve the waste management situation in the city.  NF were invited to the special audience along with other strategically picked environmental NGOs - and close NF partners - including Borda, Sea Sense, Jane Goodall ... Read More

Moving Towards Behaviour Change: Government Progress

As part of Nipe Fagio’s ongoing work to engage with the Government of Tanzania, representatives from Nipe Fagio and Borda recently met Ruth Lugwisa, Head of Compliance and Enforcement at the National Environmental Management Council (NEMC) - pictured right.  At the meeting with Minister for the Environment Hon. January Makamba at the end of last year, the minister encouraged the formation of a regular roundtable meeting between the Ministry for the Environme ... Read More

Cleaning Up Selander Bridge

At the end of March, Nipe Fagio was part of a collaborative day of action to clean up the protected mangrove forest around Selander Bridge, along Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road. Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciencees (MUHAS) volunteers, the University Nursing Students’ Association of Tanzania (UNSATA), Nipe Fagio and Illala Municipality for a day of action - 100 volunteers in total - collecting 232 bags of trash weighing more than 2,320kg! The event was orga ... Read More

Marking Progress in the Mlalakua River Project

Nipe Fagio has been part of a collaborative project with both public and private sector partners, and our main technical partner, BORDA since 2014, to tackle the dire state of the Mlalakua River area in northern Dar es Salaam, where dumping of raw sewage and solid waste was previously commonplace. The final phase of the project ended with two great successes: the opening of BORDA’S new Fecal Sludge Processing Facility in the area, and capacity building and equipping l ... Read More

Kondo Village & Ras Kilomoni Become the Change!

Nipe Fagio, Kondo Village and Ras Kilomoni residents swept into action during the month of October to promote a cleaner, healthier and safer community. The Last Saturday of the Month community clean up, on Saturday 29 October, was the culmination of a month-long community sensitisation programme involving 2 local schools, local government leaders, a church and mosque and community groups including the Beach Cleaners Group and the football team.  It brought together ... Read More

Reflecting on International Coastal Cleanup Day 2016 events

In September, the Nipe Fagio team and supporters got down to work at two beach cleanups in Msasani Beach and on Coco Beach for International Coastal Cleanup day. Reflecting on the day, it was amazing to see people from all walks of life, young and old, big and small, taking to the beaches to make a difference. At Coco Beach, the goal was to clean a 782 metre stretch of beach usually strewn with waste.  2 hours later, the ambition was fulfilled and everyone went hom ... Read More

International Coastal Cleanup on 17 Sept

Community picks 1.8 tons of trash, before breakfast! Saturday morning, 17 September 2016, Coco Beach Msasani, Dar es Salaam People from all walks of life, young and old, big and small, took to the beach to make a difference. Wearing gloves and kiroba in hand, they were all armed and ready to each tackle their own portion of the shore.  The ambition:  to clean a 782 metre stretch of beach usually strewn with waste.  2 hours later, the ambition was ful ... Read More

Check out our Fact Sheets

Have you ever wondered just how much garbage we produce in Dar in one day? Or, are you looking for practical tips on how to “green” up your office; or information on recycling in Dar?  For answers to these and much more check out our first batch of online fact sheets which cover the following topics: Reduce, Re-use, Recyle, Best waste Practice at Work Spread the word! Cheers! ... Read More

Ukweli Juu Ya Taka

Unaweza ukawa hujui ni kiasi gani cha taka jiji la Dar es salaam huzalisha kwa siku? Na unaweza ukawa unatafuta sehemu ya kurejesha bidhaa zilizokwisha tumika na mbinu mbalimbali za kudhibiti taka ofisini kwako? Majibu ya maswali hayo na mengine mengi yamejibiwa kwenye KUPUNGUZA,UREJESHAJI,KUTUMIA TENA na NJIA SAHIHI ZA KUDHIBITI TAKA SEHEMU ZA KAZI  Sambaza Elimu hii kwa watu wengi zaidi!  Ahsante sana! ... Read More

World Oceans Day 2016

Nipe Fagio Team On Sunday, 12 June, about 100 people came together on Coco Beach to celebrate World Oceans Day. Nipe Fagio invited the drama group Dar Creators to showcase in small acts and songs how every beach user has an impact on the ocean. World Oceans Day is an annual event celebrated on the 8th June. The celebration started to take off in 2002 by the Ocean Project and was recognized by the United Nations in 2008. Since then people and organizations having educ ... Read More

Baga Beach Lovers

Apr 2016. Baga Beach Lovers are an energized team of 8 people, dedicated to the cleaning up of the Beaches of Bagamoyo. Their activities include educating the local residents on clean waste free practices, providing sustainable waste disposal systems, building toilets and generally making the beaches safe and clean to be loved by all. Whilst they have only just started, the response from the local residents and the government has been overwhelmingly positive. Th ... Read More

It's Showtime!

Jan 2016. Ever hear of Forum Theatre?  No, nor had we until we met Dar Creators. This group of talented performers use theatre as a medium to teach people how to change their world. Their expertise lies in creating theatrical pieces which reflect specific social challenges and then through the process of audience participation they are able to initiate and facilitate a dialogue about potential solutions. And so we challenged Dar Creators with a brief on the taka ... Read More

Mlalakua River Restoration Project 2012 - 2016

Hot Spots – facing the challenge on the Mlalakua River   April 2016 marked the end of a multi stakeholder partnership project aimed at; restoring the Mlalakua River and preventing further pollution on a sustained basis. From the start, it was clear that experiences drawn from this initiative would also be used to inspire actions aimed at improving the conditions of other rivers and streams in Dar es Salaam. Did we succeed? Partly. Whilst we failed to resto ... Read More

Keeping up with the neighbours – The Cleanest Mtaa Project

Jan 2016. There’s nothing quite like a little competitive spirit to spark a flurry of activity and to ensure that you are indeed keeping up with the neighbours! The main idea behind this initiative is to use competition, combined with providing skills and awareness, in order to drive behaviour change for cleaner communities. Raising awareness with a womens group Communities, through their local governments, need first apply to compete in the program. The incent ... Read More

Bugged by organic waste?

Mar 2016. The Recycler, based in Tanzania, has recently been nominated as the winner of the IDEO Amplify Challenge, for finding innovative ways to deal with organic waste! The company have started using native insects to eat waste, and then dry out the insects as high-protein feed for chickens. The Recycler is doing this on a commercial scale, but also plans to make a household bin available for anyone to buy in order to put their kitchen scraps for compost. This bin will ... Read More

Saving Coco Beach

Oct 2015. Meet Audax and William. Audax works as a freelance photographer and William has a business renting tubes to people who can’t swim. Both men work at Coco Beach and rely on a weekly influx of visitors to the beach in order to earn a living.  As more and more people migrate from rural villages into the City, our beaches and public spaces play an increasingly important role in sustaining the emotional, psychological and physical health of our people. ... Read More

Moshi to Dar Waste Walk!

On the 7th of September 2015, a group of international volunteers arrived in Dar es Salaam having walked over 500km from Moshi collecting waste. The aim of their walk was to raise awareness of waste management problems and to incentivise Tanzanians to adopt more preferable strategies for the disposal of waste. During their 5-week-long journey they visited different schools and organisation to boost environmental awareness and educate local people about responsible waste col ... Read More

Pass on the Broom

Sept 2015. With thanks to the sponsorship support of the SATZ community (South Africa Tanzania) and further donations from Msasani and Tandale communities, we have been able to implement the “Pass on the Broom!”  project. This is an extension of Nipe Fagio’s Youth Ambassador Programme aimed at training Tanzanian youth on communication, presentation and leadership skills; and to raise awareness concerning waste management in their communities. Our Yo ... Read More

Congratulations Carlos!

Congratulations to Carlos Mdemu, our Community Office, who was  selected to participate in  the John Hopkins ACE Internship Programme from May to October 2015. ACE is the "Advancing Communication Experientially" programme; and is designed specifically to empower recent graduates and mid-career professionals in the fields of social behaviour change and health communication. This was a well deserved opportunity for Carlos who has been a committed and val ... Read More

New neighbourhood recycling depot at Nabaki Afrika! 

On the 12th Nov 2015 Nabaki Afrika, a wholesaler of building products and construction materials, opened a neighbourhood recycling depot in Mikocheni Light Industrial Area. This initiative was carried out in collaboration with Nipe Fagio and The Recycler. The Recycler is a professional recycling company and along with the collection point at Wonder Workshop, it now has two operational recycling depots open for public use in Dar es Salaam. The map below shows where yo ... Read More

#HapaUsafiTu CONTINUES... on the last Saturday of each month !

  Dar es Salaam - Following Tanzania’s enthusiastic response to President Magafuli’s call to clean on Independence Day, the Vice President was quick to seize the momentum by announcing a monthly clean-up day to be held on the last Saturday of every month. Nipe Fagio, an independent advocacy group working towards increased awareness on waste management, received the news as a critical step in engaging individuals, communities and organisations on the th ... Read More

#HapaUsafiTu - Independence Day (9 Dec) & beyond!

In support of our new president, John Pombe Magufuli, and his clean-up initiatives, Nipe Fagio launches its #HapaUsafiTu campaign for 9th December (Independence Day) and beyond.... We hope you can do your bit in support of a cleaner, healthier and safer Tanzania! Things you can do on 9th December for a Neighbourhood Clean-Up Get out, have some fun and meet your neighbours! Some suggestions from us: - Agree on a time - Invite your neighbours to join - Brin ... Read More

Bongoyo & Mbudya Island Cleanup (DSM Marine Reserves)

Following the heavy rains, unprecedented amounts of waste washed out to sea, much of it collecting on island beaches within the DSM Marine Reserve areas, notably on Bongoyo & Mbudya. As these islands have no access to formal waste collection, we realized there was some urgency in mobilizing Nipe Fagio to assist the Marine Park Reserve Unit (MPRU) in the clean up. We were delighted to find out that the MPRU island staff (particularly on Bongoyo) had already made a good ... Read More

Weekend Community Clean-Up

Mlalakua River Project - Mikocheni B and Mlalakua sub-ward Trash Hang-Outs! Nipe Fagio, Nabaki Afrika and Community Change Agents - doing it for our environment!! ... Read More

Facing the bottle top challenge

Bottle tops which are a serious menace in the oceans and on our beaches, are being put to good cause by the US Embassy’s Green Team. They are being used in a recycled mask project which is taking place in two primary schools - one in Dar and the other in Chicago, Illinois. The Green Team hopes to have the two schools share their creations during a video conference in celebration of Earth Week. ... Read More

Sea Sense -Treading Water

Tanzania’s most respected marine conservation organization is urgently appealing for assistance with bridging finance. Most Nipe Fagio friends and supporters will already know Sea Sense.  For those of you that don’t, Sea Sense is a Tanzanian NGO focusing on the conservation and protection of Tanzania’s most iconic marine wildlife including sea turtles, dugongs and whale sharks.  These species are under threat in Tanzania, largely as a resu ... Read More

Security Group Africa's cleanup on Mbezi Beach

Security Group Africa proved that it’s possible to have fun, bond with your colleagues and clean the beach all at the same time.  The cleanup cum team building event was led by their Customer Relations Manager, Sophia Luhikula on 14 December at Mbezi Beach. This is what they found: 99 Plastic bottles 467 Bottle tops 84 cans 53 glass bottles General waste was too much…we lost count ... Read More

Letter to the Editor - March 2015

Dear Nipe Fagio Team! Today was brilliant! We had 50 people for our second cleanup at Msasani Beach We filled 34 very full viroba bags which were collected by Tarima. We picked up 76 syringes. Most of those who turned out were the local community. The Bondeni Running Club are catching the fire and cleaning up their street tomorrow morning! :) We had the mwenyekiti and his environment members all turn up too. All in all it was super! Then after a shower and headin ... Read More

The Recycler

The Recycler, Tanzania’s first large scale, professional recycling services and waste management company has recently opened its doors and is ready for business! The Recycler’s main focus is currently on-site waste management, which means managing the waste of large companies and assisting them to recycle. This usually entails putting a trained staff member on a large site to sort the recyclable material from non-recyclables. The company then collects the recy ... Read More

Youth Ambassadors at work on the Mlalakua River Restoration Project

There is a good chance, if you happen to live in Mlalakua neighborhood, that you would have met our enthusiastic team of Youth Ambassadors. Having recently graduated from University, this committed group of volunteers is systematically moving through selected zones within the area, raising awareness about the Mlalakua River Restoration Project. In the past two months they have identified several community groups including religious groups, Bajaji, BodaBoda and taxi driver ... Read More

BORDA’s Sanitation Bazaar

By Joyce Zablon and Larissa Duma ‘We lack information on how to manage our waste. It is true, we don’t like living in a dirty environment, but what can we do? Truly, an event like this [sanitation exhibition] will help us to change... we now have knowledge on what WE can do!’ quote from two community members from two different sub-wards during the event Currently, many areas in the city of Dar es salaam are plagued with poor sanitation infrastructure, ... Read More

Follow in our footstep

By Maya Siag The Green Steps Foundation, recently established by Bora Industries, is a Tanzanian environmental organization, which aims to raise environmental awareness by encouraging eco-friendly practices through recycling and art. Green Steps collects and buys rubber flip flops found mainly on the beaches and dump sites in and around Dar es Salaam. Through the collection of discarded flip flops, the organization contributes to cleaning our city and beaches and provide ... Read More

The Amalesa Market

By Sanya Hunsucker During the past year, the U.S. Embassy Green Team has introduced the Amalesa Market, which consists of locally grown fruit, vegetables and homemade produce. All produce is sold at competitive prices by outside vendors and several Embassy employees at the embassy’s compound. The idea of the market is to save employees some time and energy traveling from place-to-place shopping for food.  This concept also saves on fuel and emissions, as it is ... Read More

Find us on Youtube

You can now get all the latest uploads of events by going to the link below ... Read More

Curitiba, Brazil, a Model of Sustainability 40 Years in the Making

"Planners think from the perspective of a car owner: would they prefer to leave their houses, cross a beautiful green way and enter a clean and air-conditioned subway train or get in their cars for a trip across town? For Curitiba, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” and residents have gotten used to using a clean and efficient public transportation system." ... Read More

Professional Assistance Required

Nipe Fagio is looking for friendly advice from individuals with a professional background in the following fields: Event Management Volunteer Management Fundraising If you have experience in any of these areas and would be willing to contribute your professional advice, please contact us on     ... Read More

She's Alive..... and worth dying for

Watch this inspiring yet poignant tribute to Earth's splendour - and to those who have died trying to save her       ... Read More

Divers to it for Trash!!

  More than six million tons of marine litter is estimated to enter the ocean each year. But scuba divers can help to remove, report and prevent underwater debris. If you dive or know someone that does, please volunteer here. Take the steps to affect change: Step 1: Grab the tools Step 2: Rally the troops. Step 3: Report your data online - Step 4: Take the Pledge       ... Read More

Voice Giving takes on Mwenge Bus Terminal

They are young, hip and making things happen.  Apart from providing shelter, support and education to disadvantaged women, members of this amazing group of organized youth can be found sweeping daily at the Mwenge Bus Terminal. Dressed in trendy T-shirts which read “Taka Noma”, they arrive every morning ready to sweep and deliver their message that it’s “Cool to Clean.”  Inspired by their commitment, the local vendors soon supported t ... Read More

Life is a beach bracelet

Flip-flop recycling has begun in earnest in Mafia Island!  After months of fund raising, Sea Sense has launched an exciting new project in partnership with Ocean Sole Foundation, a Kenyan based organisation that recycles over 400,000 flip-flops each year. Ocean Sole have spent the past two weeks with Sea Sense in Mafia Island, sharing their knowledge and expertise on flip-flop recycling.   Mafia is Tanzania’s most important sea turtle nesting site but ... Read More

BORDA launches Material Recovery Facility

  BORDA  are about to launch their first Material Recovery Facility. It is a waste management and reduction facility catering for just over 3000 households in the Gongo la mboto community. Here, all incoming waste will be separated; organics will be composted, plastics and other recyclables - sold and the residual waste temporarily stored until transported to the final dumpsite. It will also serve as a primary demonstration site for people to learn about improve ... Read More

Restoration of the Mlalakua River

The Mlalakua River, North of the City, has long been a dumping ground for industrial effluent and residential waste and sewerage so that it is no longer capable of performing basic ecological functions. Aside from the tragic state of such large scale environmental degradation, the polluted river poses serious health and economic risks to the communities situated along its banks. Finally, the plastic waste dumped into the river contributes to the rise in litter we find strew ... Read More

Coming soon… DSM recycling!

  Dar es Salaam's first large scale commercial recycling company will be launched in the next few months. The company will collect and process all recycling material and assist businesses and organizations to be more environmentally friendly. They will introduce a market for a wide range of plastic and paper waste materials that are not currently traded due to the lack of industrial development and material value. For more information, contact Josh Palfreman o ... Read More

World Environment Day celebration

  Nipe Fagio celebrated World Environment Day with partners BORDA, Voice Giving, Conservation Interaction, Roots & Shoots and students from the Tanzania Medical Association. Activities for the week included a series of flash mobs in 5 high density areas in Dar es Salaam, as well as an art exhibition, a fun day at Mikocheni Primary School and a clean up / awareness event on Coco Beach.   ... Read More

Flip Flop project Raffle Winners Announced

It was a great event on Sunday 9th June with a fantastic turnout ! It was the culmination of many World Environment Week events by Nipe Fagio and it's partners.  A good day was had by all. We carried out the Raffle ticket draw and are happy to announce the winners drawn as: A single return airfare to Johannesburg on SAA with 3 nights accommodation at a Tsongo Sun Hotel,   winner Marian Kamungu A weekend at Ras Kutani,  winner T ... Read More

Tanzania: FAO Tackles Toxic Waste Disposal

  Tanzania is one of the countries that are seriously affected by this problem and according to an inventory conducted in 2008, the country's obsolete pesticides stock reached 1,500, 000 kilogrammes. An earlier inventory carried between 1997 and 2000 ... See all stories on this topic »   ... Read More

Nipe Fagio Beach Cleanup

  Join us Sunday, 9 June at Coco Beach opposite Oysterbay Shopping Centre     15:30 - 18:00 PM Beach Clean-up & Beach Extravaganza ... Read More

Art Exhibition

... Read More

World Environment Week

5th June is WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY!! Do your bit for the environment and spread the word. We have a week of activities and opportunities for you to join the celebration!   Wednesday, 5 June Catch our entourage of talented performers as they spread a message of  “environmental respect” through music, song and dance at the following locations: Feri - 8am Posta - 10am Kariokoo -12 noon Mwenge - 2pm Savey - 3pm   AND Roots &am ... Read More

TRASHED the film - showing 5 June 19:30 at Slipway

If you missed it, there is one more chance... To celebrate World Environment Day on 5 June, we are organising another showing of this must see film at Slipway Cinema (in the alcove next door to the lower entrance to Shreejies). Tickets cost Tsh10,000 and are on sale at the door on the evening.  Get there early to avoid dissapointment ! See the trailer here The film has some hard hitting truths. Is Dar better set to turn things r ... Read More

Showing of the film TRASHED 22 May

After one initial showing of this film on 24 April in Dar to an enthusiastic IST community, Nipe Fagio has arranged a showing at The Little Theatre on 22 May at 19:30.   Tickets cost Tsh10,000 and are on sale at the box office now.  Get there soon, there is limited seating and they are going fast! See the trailer here The film has some hard hitting truths.  One thing we can be sure of is that Dar is in a better situat ... Read More

Special thanks

A big thanks to Continental Outdoor for sponsoring Nipe Fagio billboards since our inception. Have a look at our Haba na Haba, Hujaza Kibaba anti-litter campaign around Dar es Salaam.   ... Read More

Beach cleaning - Kivukoni

Hello everyone. The Kivukoni Community invites you all this Sunday 5th of May to the monthly beach cleaning at Sea View. The agenda of the day is: Meeting at 8am (saa mbili asubuhi) Beach cleaning Football ground cleaning BIG Final soccer match! Please, bring your own broom!  Spread the message. And be the change!   ... Read More

Beach Clean-up Sunday, 7 - 9 am, 3 February 2013

Hundreds of residents, kitted out in bright green T-shirts and gloves, gathered on Sea View's beach early on Sunday morning in a show of solidarity and support for a cleaner City. Led by the City's Mayor, the community of Kivukoni, set to work picking up plastic bottles, shoes, syringes, bits of glass, and other debris commonly found strewn across our beaches.   But for some, the sight of raw sewerage leaked came as a nasty shock, reminding us of our c ... Read More

"I am the Change" Artists Workshops

Over 150 student artists and performers rallied together in a bid to challenge the citizens of Dar es Salaam on the dirty business of "rubbish". Gathered at the Russian Culture Centre for two consecutive Saturdays, the students explored different ways of inspiring collective action for a cleaner City.     After a hard hitting presentation on "waste", followed by facilitated discussion by Matrix and Roots & Shoots,  the st ... Read More

Thank you

We wish to extend our sincere thanks to our loyal sponsors and partners for their generous support and commitment to the launch of Nipe Fagio. We also wish to thank all members of the  Kivukoni community who have engaged in a spirit of community activism for a cleaner city. Haba na haba hujaza kibaba! With thanks, The Nipe Fagio Team ... Read More

Beach Extravaganza, Sunday 3 Feb, 3.30 - 6.00pm

After short introductory speeches by co-founders, Said Said and Tania Hamilton, who described Nipe Fagio as a platform for citizen engagement, the stage gave way to a series of colourful and entertaining performances.   First up, were, Banana Zorro, Sauda Simba and a group of student musicians with a live rendition of Nipe Fagio! If you missed this, you missed out! This vibrant and catchy tune will be rollicking across the airwaves soon. Click here VIDEO &nb ... Read More

What next

Dr Robert, Director of Enforcement and Compliance, NEMC has expressed outrage over the hospital drain, and has vowed to take the lead in ensuring that the current practice be stopped and an appropriate solution found. The Kivukoni residents have formed a steering committee, to mobilize the community through sport and entertainment activities. They have also engaged a group of Mzee Custodians to reinforce these community initiatives. Public meetings will take place on ... Read More

Nipe Fagio Invitation

... Read More

Sea View Clean Up - Launch Event Proposal

Who we are Nipe Fagio is a Tanzanian based public advocacy organization, focused on increasing awareness, as well as facilitating and promoting sustainable development initiatives in Tanzania. The organization’s fundamental mission is to serve as a connector for people, groups and organizations to get things done, a forum for debate & discussion, and a sounding board for community issues that require involvement for change. Nipe Fagio, which means, "Give m ... Read More

We Can Change Our World Organization

Whilst in Cape Town I also met with the remarkable Cheryl Harper, founder of We Can Change Our World -  (WCCOW) WeCanChangeOurWorld is an online social network in the sustainable social transformation space in South Africa. Their objectives are to enable all brands, organisations and practitioners to congregate to createtangible intellectual assets, to share key learnings, ideas and best practice in this vibrant and essential sector for our country's growth and s ... Read More

Sustain Our Africa Summit

I have just returned from attending the Sustain our Africa (SOA) Summit in Cape Town, (the first of its kind in Africa) and am bursting  with excitement and inspiration from soaking up the energy and information that was packed into the 3 amazing days.  42 speakers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines rolled out bit sized 15 minute presentations, which  were so tasty, and packed full of nourishment, that I was still hungry for more even after such a hug ... Read More

Did you know

Dar es Salaam is in the list of being one the dirtiest cities in the world among many other African countries and around the world. According to a Daily News article "Hassan a garbage collector has to line up every morning with the other garbage collectors at the offices of the MP Environmental Company; he has to put his name in a box and if his name is one of the first fifteen drawn, then he is employed for the day. He earns about 3,000/- for each work day, which ca ... Read More

Nipe Fagio website

Hello, we've just launched our new website.  Let us know what you think. ... Read More

Artists Workshop

Artists, students and teachers to the rescue... With their inheritance at stake, nobody has more to loose than our youth. And in a bid to claim back the environment, a group of students armed with paintbrushes, guitars and several theatrical tricks have hatched a plan to kick-start the Nipe Fagio Ilala Sea View Campaign in the New Year. This project, an energized collaboration between the youth of Sea View, Roots & Shoots, Dar Waste and Matrix (a student led communi ... Read More

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