The Nipe Fagio Team

A committed group of individuals and companies coming together to make a change!

We are not paid and donate our time to a worthy cause.  Join us to sweep out the trash!

Tania Hamilton

Tania Hamilton

Nabaki Afrika

Nabaki Afrika is extremely proud and delighted to support and be a part of Nipe Fagio.

Dar’s evolution from a small sleepy city in the early ‘90s, to the expanding giant of over 4 million (and growing) it is today,
does not come without its challenges. How many of us are tired of complaining about the dismal and deteriorating
situation, and apparent lack of awareness and action from our Government and fellow residents? How many of us have
been itching to do something about the situation, or simply make suggestions, but have felt alone and helplessly stuck in
non-action due to the enormity of the task?
Nipe Fagio is our solution! A community platform through which we can all be involved and really make a difference to
our environment and society. Nipe Fagio is a positive and energetic initiative which inspires and channels collaborative
thinking, action, responsibility and accountability between all levels of society, from Government to business to civil
societies, NGOs, neighbourhoods, and right down to little old you and me! Our environment is not the responsibility of
the ‘they’ and the ‘them’, it is each and every one of ours – we co-create and co-exist in it, we need to be ‘be the change
we want to see’.

Said Said

Said Said

SASS Marketing Group

NIPE FAGIO brings together the hearts and minds of our communities to form a common vision for a common destiny.
SASS Marketing is delighted to be a part of this collaboration which aims at creating a culture of cleanliness and restoring
the pride and dignity of our people.

Anton Fouquet

Anton Fouquet


At DJPA we like talking trash.
We can talk about trash in the storm drains, by the roadside, on the greens, in the rivers, on the beach, in the sea. We can talk about trash practically anywhere in Tanzania and to everyone. Because everyone is affected and everyone needs to get involved.
It's time to stop Tanzania's public spaces turning into public dumps.

We are using our skills in public messaging & behavior change communications to help bring about positive change. Change at every level: from the average Tanzanian on the street, to municipal & government level.  Tackling one problem with one message - time to 'grab the broom' and affect change in your area.

It's time to turn talk into action. Let's sweep out the trash.

To learn more about DJPA, please visit our website

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